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Blessed Hope Ministries (BHM) is focused on the church’s mission of making disciples. Disciple-making is holistic, and a healthy disciple is one that finds health in the spiritual, social, physical, and psychological realms of life. The support offered by BHM always has faith in the redeeming work and power of Jesus Christ at its foundation. We believe engagement of the addiction affinity group (addicts and those affected by addiction) is an aspect of the church’s mission to make disciples. The support and resources we offer aid churches in ministering to the addiction affinity group in order to help them find liberty and victory through the person of Jesus Christ. We accomplish this through promoting faith, skill-development, resource connection, and elevating awareness of the addiction affinity group and their current plights.

About Us

Blessed Hope Ministries exists to provide support for those ministering on the spiritual battlefront of addiction.


Blessed Hope Ministry assists Christian leaders, churches, and ministries as they engage those affected by addiction with the hope of the gospel.


Scripture Focused

The tenets of Scripture will be BHM’s primary tool in both understanding the plight of the addiction affinity group and in offering practical resources for making and teaching disciples within the group.


Research Based

BHM will continually endeavor to be currently informed of regional, national, and global trends in addiction and addiction services. Resourcing by BHM will be focused on Christ-centered opportunities and services that are primarily church-based or affiliated. While not advocating non-Christocentric services, BHM will work to inform comprehensively those ministering to the addiction affinity group as to existing approaches and philosophies regarding addiction in recognition of the contribution and value of differing recovery philosophies. BHM will work to assess and offer perspective regarding the viability of all resources through the lens of Scripture. 

Life Affirming

BHM affirms the preciousness and value of all human life as an aspect of biblical worldview and views the intentional engagement of the addiction affinity group as an acknowledgement of the sanctity of human life. The desire for positive, generational impact through a life-transforming encounter and relationship with Jesus Christ is a tenet of Scripture and, therefore, a sanctity of life focus of BHM.

God Dependent

BHM recognizes and operates with the knowledge that relief and hope sought by the addiction affinity group is found in the person of Jesus Christ. BHM views the necessity of God-dependence for both those seeking to minister to the addiction affinity group and for those seeking relief from addiction as being of paramount importance through each moment and season of discipleship.    


Core Values


Pastor Matthias "Matty" Ponce-de-Leon

Matty serves as the Chief Consultant of Blessed Hope Ministries. Prior to serving at BHM, he served churches in North Carolina as Pastor. Matty has also served on the Board of Directors at Your Father’s House Ministries as well as the Christian Life and Public Affairs special committee of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina as a committee member at large. Matty has received his bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministries, a Master of the Arts in Christian Ministries, and a Master of the Arts in Pastoral Counseling: Addictions and Recovery from Liberty University. He is the author of Broken: Returning in Desperation to the Cross and is nationally recognized for contributions concerning addiction ministry. Recently he was featured in an article in Outreach Magazine. Matty is passionate about supporting, serving, and equipping ministry leaders both regionally and internationally, and is involved in ongoing pastor training events and conferences.


For information about the ministries of the North Carolina Baptist State Convention click here

Meet Matty
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